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How To Become A Member Of Celebrity Security Detail

Working with celebrities means steady work and a constant cash flow. It also often means more money. Most celebrities employ a number of security guards; however, single celebrities are not the only way to get in on celebrity money. Many popular nightclubs that feature celebrities are a great place to work and make money. If you are interested in becoming a celebrity or popular nightclub bodyguard, here are some qualifications you should have and things to keep in mind.

Get training in methods of security

Security guards should go through proper training before applying for a job with celebrities or major hot spots. First, you should get gun training and get qualified to carry a weapon, if applicable in your city. Gain training in a type of martial arts and hand to hand combat so that you are properly prepared for any type of confrontation. Last, get some training in diffusing situations and acting as a mediator. Many of your confrontations as security detail can be solved through talking, rather than any sort of physicality.  

Look the part

Looking the part is always necessary in the world of celebrities. Make sure you are always clean cut and prepared to work each day. Your closet should consist of clothing that is presentable and easy to move in, as well as several suits. Most high-profile clubs will require their security and bouncers to wear suits to work. Purchase a suit that is not restrictive in any way, so that you can quickly run, lunge, or move others without issue. When you meet with a celebrity's team or a club, your look and personality may play just as big a role in being selected as your credentials.

Remain physically fit

While working in a club environment or with VIPs it can be tempting to drink a little more or eat scrumptious foods as they will be more readily available to you. Regardless of how tempting it is, you need to remember that being physically and mentally fit is a part of your job. As security detail, from Palisade Group Security Service for example, you must stay alert to threats and odd behaviors, therefore, drinking must be reserved for days off only. Hitting the gym several times a week is also a good idea, to increase your cardio fitness and your muscular development. Those who appear strong, alert, and have better security training are more likely to be picked up by clubs and the like.

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