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Why Should You Inspect Your Fire Alarm System Today?

A fire alarm system is one of the most important areas of your business. The system not only protects your assets, but also it can keep your employees and customers safe from fires and other dangers. But if you don't inspect or schedule maintenance for your system, it might not work when you need it. Here's why you should inspect your fire alarm system today.

Why Are Inspections Important?

Fires are some of the most dangerous disasters to occur in the United States. Many of the fires claim the lives of the people involved. Although it doesn't apply to every situation, some of the businesses lacked the proper fire alarm systems in them.

Fire alarm systems detect and alert you of any signs of a fire, including smoke and excessive heat. If your sprinklers, smoke detectors, and fire alarms don't have working batteries, they can fail to pick up signs of a fire. 

In addition, the equipment in your fire alarm system should be in reasonably good shape. Smoke detectors and fire alarms rely on many intricate electronic parts to work properly after installation. These parts can age, deteriorate, rust, or break down over time. If you don't physically test the devices, you won't know about the damage until it's too late.

You can protect your business, customers, and assets by inspecting your equipment now.

How Do You Inspect Your System?

It's not advisable that you inspect and test your fire alarm system and all of its components yourself. It may be better to hire a fire alarm system specialist to do the test and inspection for you. A specialist will look for problems in your system you can't see, such as bad wiring and rust.

A contractor may check your fire sprinklers to see if they meet your needs properly. If your building doesn't have enough sprinklers in place, you may need to add the devices to accommodate your company's needs.

A specialist may also examine your training logs to see if it meets the requirements of your city or state. You may need to train or retrain your employees to meet these requirements. If possible, a specialist may suggest that you sign up for a fire inspection and maintenance program. The program may include regular inspections, training activities, and access to reporting software devices.

If you're ready to inspect your fire alarm system, contact a specialist, such as those found at Stream Line Fire Protection LTD, for more details today.

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