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3 Ways To Protect Against The Theft Of Confidential Information

When you are running a business, there is some information that you don't want to be leaked to just anyone. This could including identifying information about the customers and businesses you work with, confidential business information, or employee information that you don't want to be leaked to the general public. When it comes to protecting confidential information, you have to be vigilant on numerous levels.

Mobile Phone Protection Plans

Phones are not just for making calls. Modern business phones store a host of important information, from contact lists, call history, email logs, and even GPS locations. If you want to protect that information, you need to make sure all of the phones in your network always download the appropriate security updates and upgrades to the system.

You need to have a system for checking your phones. Spyware can be installed on phones without the owner even realizing the spyware has been installed. You could require phones to be turned in for inspection on a random basis. Random security checks will help ensure that any potential spyware is removed from the phone before it can do any harm.

You also need a corporate policy for dealing with a misplaced phone. You need to make sure that any lost phones are disabled as well so that information is protected. You also need to require all business phones to have a difficult password or pin number.

Network Protection Plans

With more and more business done on computers, you need to have an in-depth security plan for your computer network. You need to use strong, encrypted firewalls on your security network. You need to have a system administrator who keeps all the systems up-to-date with the latest system technology and security updates.

You need a plan or a security team in place to scan your network and devices to detect and remove digital spyware that could do things such as record your keystrokes or eavesdrop on you through your own electronic devices.

Building-Level Security Sweeps

Finally, you need to have a team that can perform building-level security sweets to detect and find electronic devices that could enable eavesdropping. These devices are very tiny and sophisticated, making them easy to hide just about anywhere. Any eavesdropping device could literally be attached to a piece of paper; it doesn't have to be hidden behind an electrical outlet cover or inside a light anymore. You need a team that can find and get rid of these devices in an effective manner.

When it comes to protecting the theft of confidential information from your business, you need to be aware and vigilant on all fronts. You need to protect against information thieves on your devices, network and in your building. You need a high-level security team that can provide you with this level of protection. Contact a company like Ubiquity Countermeasures Inc. in order to learn more about technical surveillance countermeasures.

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